TSF Engineering Services is one unique and leading manufacturing and supplying company of process equipment in Pakistan with high concentration in heat exchangers.

Since its inception in 1977, TSF Engineering Services has been one of the pioneers in supplying virtually all types of heat exchangers and allied products.

  • A perfectly suitable for use in areas where high mechanical strength of a material and its easy maintenance are needed.
  • These are well known for the improved heat transfer coefficient and minimize fouling characteristics.
  • General purpose and commonly used in many segments due to the stability and durability of the products.
  • Ideal for application where space is at a premium offering small yet powerful exchange surface.
  • Another item that was intended to provide a larger heat transfer area and used in high efficiency ones.
  • Highly suitable for viscous fluids, helps prevent fouling of the pipe.
  • They are small and have high thermal efficiency as compared to other types of heat exchangers.
  • Most widely used because of their small sizes and capability to yield high heat transfer rates.

Rigorous Testing and Quality Assurance


Diverse Applications of Heat Exchangers

Our heat exchangers serve a wide range of applications, including:

  • Extremely important in enhancing the ability to add more energy to the steam beyond its boiling point in improving efficiency in power production.
  • Applied off-shore to cool the gases before they are fed into the refinery feed to a safer and efficient method.
  • Essential in managing and cooling of effluent streams, in different operations in industries.
  • Employed in intricate systems of tubes with the function of both transporting and absorbing or convening liquids that have to transfer heat efficiently.
  • Used to recover waste heat of the released gases thus making improvements on overall efficiency.
  • These ones are used to change liquid to gases through heat exchange process and are used in many chemical operations.
  • Absolutely central to the petrochemical industry for cracking large, heavy, complex molecules into small, light ones.
  • These are applied in processes aiming at converting the feed into higher value products in refineries.
  • Iron and Steel making industries, Glass industries, etc, which involve high temperature heating and melting operations.
  • They are applied for heating of the fluids in order to achieve the necessary optimal working temperature in many processes.
  • Used to enhance total process availability by heating or cooling up the fluids before they are introduced to the main process.


Tailored Solutions for Diverse Industries


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