We are offering widespread range of heat exchangers and associated goods which includes threaded tube , corrugated tube , shell and tube, U tube, Fin Tube, scraped surface, spiral tube type and plate type units. We have a capacity to deliver exchangers made up of Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Cu/Ni, chrome steel, Aluminum or different exotic alloys that are economical, resilient and easy maintenance and completely tested to confirm to fulfill design specifications and performance expectations. The technology used in fabrication of shell and tube heat exchanger incorporates very high efficiency heat exchange with high pressure and temperature capabilities as per well know international standards for heat exchanger TEMA RCB, API660 and ASME Sec VIII.
We have a facility for fabrication in Karachi Pakistan of shell and tube heat exchanger from dia three inch, length one feet up to dia six feet to thirty feet long (weighing up to 35tons).
Our shell and tube type exchangers; oil cooler, condenser,stage cooler,heater etc are installed in Oil & Gas process industry, Chemical plant, Petrochemical plants and other process industry in applications starting from gas compression cooling offshore to refinery feed and effluent duties onshore.
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shell and tube heat exchangers
plate type heat exchanger
tube sheet after welding