The plate type heat exchanger is the most efficient type of heat exchanger with its low cost, flexibility, easy maintenance, and high thermal transfer. TSF plate corrugations are designed to achieve turbulence across the entire heat transfer area. This produces the highest possible heat transfer coefficients with the lowest possible pressure drop, allowing for close temperature approaches. Subsequently, this leads to a smaller heat transfer area, smaller units and in some cases, fewer heat exchangers. This benefits the customer tremendously by requiring less space, reduced secondary flow rates and smaller pumps.

The plate heat exchanger is used throughout industry as standard equipment for efficient heating, cooling, heat recovery, condensation and evaporation. Generally speaking, all of these Alfa Laval units are notable for:

  • High thermal efficiency for effective heat transfer
  • Compact design resulting in small quantities of materials used for heat transfer surfaces
  • Low installation cost
  • Easy dismantling and easy, rapid cleaning
  • High performance with low hold-up volume
  • Versatile, modular design
retubing & repairing of heat exchanger