TSF Engineering Design, fabricate and supply Pressure vessels & storage tanks that conform to the standards ASME Sec VIII, API 650,DIN 6616 & DIN 6608.

Storage tanks are manufactured in TSF from a variety of materials, including carbon steel and stainless steel. These tanks are API & DIN compliant for storing petroleum and other petroleum products, such as gasoline, Petrol, Diesel as well as other liquid products.

Our Pressure vessel and storage tank options include high or low pressure tanks, carbon or stainless steel storage tanks, non-code or ASME tanks, vertical, horizontal & cylindrical steel vessels, which are used for air receiver tanks, underground storage overhead storage for flammable or non flammable liquids like Diesel.

TSF has the capacity to build a storage tank with maximum dimensions of 12 feet in diameter and 40 feet long, and a volume of more than 30,000 gallons, whether you need large volume storage tanks, very small process holding tanks, or high-pressure tanks or low-pressure tanks, we have the capacity and expertise to make it happen.

Our services include sand blasting Painting, Passivisation, Post-Weld Heat Treatment, Radiography, Insulation, Linings, Platforms, Ladders, Handrail Installation, Heating & Cooling Coils, Hydrostatic Test.

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