TSF Engineering is one of the leading companies in the country which provides services for design, engineering, supply, installation, commissioning & testing of all types of power plants, grid and substations across a range of industries.

Medium-Voltage Switchgear

We design, build and/or source medium voltage switchboards up to, and including voltages to 24kV, current ratings up to 3,500 amps, and up to 31.5MVA fault rating capacity. Our switchboards are built with the ABB unigear ZS1 enclosures, incorporating Vacuum or SF6 circuit breaker technology and motor switching devices for transformers and rotating machinery.

We also supply autotransformer starting or VSD solutions for medium voltage motors requiring reduced load starting techniques.

To date, we have supplied following locally manufactured switchboards to our customers:

  • MV Vacuum Circuit Breaker Panels up to 24kV, 40kA
  • MV Vacuum Contactor Panels up to 24kV, 800A
  • MV Load Break Switch Panels
  • MV SF6 Gas Insulated Ring Main Units

Low-Voltage Electrical Switchgear

We design, manufacture and/or source low-voltage electrical switchgear solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. By sourcing materials from a range of suppliers, we can provide our customers with the best solution for their unique requirements.

Our comprehensive range of low-voltage electrical switchgear solutions includes:

  • Main and sub main boards
  • Sub distribution boards
  • Changeover systems
  • Multi-metering switchboards
  • MCC switchboards

To date, we have supplied following solutions to our customers:

  •   Switchboards from 6300A upto 100kA
  •   Power Centre & Motor Control Centre, fixed or draw-out type
  •   Power Factor Improvement Plants
  •   Distribution boards & Bus Tie Ducts
  •   AC/DC Panels
    •    Relay and Control Panels for 132/220/500kV Grid Stations
    •    Fan/Temperature/Auxiliary Control Panels for Power Transformers
  •   Soft Starter Panels
  •   PLC Panels

Thermal imaging of switchboards

Thermal imaging has established itself as a useful preventative maintenance technique in the electrical industry. The technique includes the measuring actual temperatures of apparatus during normal operating conditions to evaluate whether the equipment is operating within its temperature range or whether an underlying fault is present.

For installations on high-voltage, TSF Engineering manufactures and supplies a viewing window, which can be fitted to strategic positions on a switchboard, giving the camera access to cable joints and bus-bar connections that could not usually be viewed without the removal of panels and doors.

LV Switchgear